Stiff Little Spinners Vol. 6

Stiff Little Spinners Vol. 6 12"/DL/Stream (03.07.)
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A1 Gimmix & Zorro - Oveile 04:54
A2 Rampue - Schleiermacherstrasse 07:01
A3 Kalipo - Mäusemarsch 05:00
B1 Krink - Close Distance 08:36
B2 Joney - K-Hole Surfers 07:08

Stiff Little Spinners enters its 6th volume with a 5 track package spanning the widest sonic spectrum imaginable. Its tracks, in typical Spinners fashion, range from r&b influenced house grooves to shimmering, broken-beat, new-age garage swing.
Gimmix & Zorro prove their penchant for urban slow jams with a dance floor flavour. Their opener Oveile builds in a slow, sleazy fashion, eventually trading its more unpredictable drum arrangement for a sturdy 4/4 rhythm. The melody surges harmoniously, navigating the walls of its club-ready time signature, a phenomenal introduction to a mind-blowing collection of tracks.
Rampue slows things down on the A2 with Schleiermacherstrasse; a tripped-out, hazy roller with enough chime to hypnotise an entire stadium. This is not to say Volume 6 contains big room tracks, but rather the music’s power commands attention. This is certainly true for Kalipo’s Mäusemarsch, which whirls, in mesmerizing fashion achieving a climax fit for the party at its peak.
Krink’s Close Distance is perhaps the darkest sounding track offered by the Spinners – it seriousness and condensed energy is bound to leave audiences sweating, until its ferocious bassline gives way to soaring synths and jarred drums.
Joney changes the formula altogether – his sophisticated K-Hole Surfers offers a chugging, dubbed out roller which owes as much to techno as it does to dubstep. It is perhaps unsurprising from the track’s title that one feels like they are riding a rather erratic wave, delving in and out of our universe.
Already on their 6th volume, and churning out high-quality, club-ready tracks, this collective is set for big things.