Stiff Little Spinners Mix #52 Kalipo

Rival Consoles - Recovery 
D/R/U/G/S - Cheap Hearts 
The Acid - Red (Olaf Stuut Remix) 
Krisztian Dobrocsi - Subwolfer 
Kenny Glasgow - In Too Deep 
Malory - Dah
Villette - Fall (Christian Löffler Remix) 
Dario Lanzellotti - Neve 
Deepchord - Where Science Meets the Divine 
Chocky - Tool Time - Ears Have Eyes 
Tom Day - Peaks 
Serph - Luck (Darjeeling Version)

Kalipo - Ein Feuerwerk der Delfine Mix

Thanks to

Black Sabbath - Planet Caravan (Poolside Rework Extended Intro)
Maribou State - Wallflower (Ross from Friends Remix)
Holtoug - Stay In Love (Acid Pauli's Bone Drone Remix)

Vessels - Echo In (Antenna Happy Remix)

Julien Mier - Burnt Up (taken off the Changing Currents EP)

Eating Snow - Gravel And Trees

Kalipo - Institute of Cottonwool

HellDunkel - It’s You

John Roberts - Ever Or Not

Stephan Bodzin - Singularity

The Micronaut - Laughing Sister



Yaruto B-Sides & Remixes

Kalipo - Yaruto B-Sides & Remixes
Release: 30.10.2015 (Digital)

01. Red Bird 
02. Lux (Aplysia Remix) 
03. Palingula 
04. Get Rich (Krink Remix) 
05. Alles Klar 
06. Hello Night 
07. Get Rich (Occupanther Remix)

It's been over a year since Kalipo has released his debut album »Yaruto« through the Berlin-based ANTIME imprint. Ever since then, the Bavarian-born Jakob Häglsperger has been quite busy, bringing his analogue live sets all over the globe while working on new material. Before some of that will be unleashed on another label very dear to the ANTIME crew, Kalipo returns with a 7 track EP which is mysteriously called »Yaruto B-Sides & Remixes«. When being asked for comment on the ominous title, the reclusive producer denied. It's up to every single one of you to interpret what on earth that might mean. However, a release date is set - »Yaruto B-Sides & Remixes« will be out digitally on Oct 30th - and contains 7 cuts clocking in at a generous 38 minutes.
The sample-heavy »Red Bird« is playful Deep House tune for those magic hours after the after-hours when the energy returns out of nowhere. Aplysia presents a Matthew Herbert-like re-interpretation of Kalipo's »Lux« complete with tinkling 8-bit sounds. »Paligula« leans more toward the spooky and sinister - imagine someone injecting some grooves into a New Wave track and you get the idea. Kalipo's long time friend KRINK takes on the Steve Reich-influenced »Get Rich«, boiling it down into a dubby, pschedlic trip best to be enjoyed at 4:20pm. »Alles Klar« highlights Häglsperger's talent to create driving yet minimalistic rhythms as well as his knack for weaving vocal samples into another as if those were meant to enter a dialogue some day. »Hello Night« however aims straight for a dancefloor near you, evoking both euphoria and melancholy at once. Occupanther offers another perspective on »Get Rich«: The Munich-based producer lets the piece unfold slowly before objecting it to a Hip Hop-leaning treatment which beautifully emphasises its harmonic and melodic qualities and perfectly closes this diverse selection of previously unreleased b-sides and remixes. Oh, wait. So that's why!