Kalipo live @ Fusion Festival 2018 (Panne Eichel)

Sunday morning at Fusion Festival 2018 / Panne Eichel (f.k.a. Bachstelzen)

MOSES MEHDI - Rabell (Kalipo Remix)
Kalipo - Die Wirren der Träumer (feat. Nicolas Ford)
Kalipo - Gib Ihnen die Katze
Kalipo - Tower of Ants (feat. Simon Dübell)
Gregorythme - She's Out Of My League (Kalipo Remix)
Bongbeck - Winter Sleep (Kalipo Remix)
Kalipo - Escape to Infinity
Kalipo - Perspicientia
Kalipo - Guten Morgen Lärz
Kalipo - Der Song mit der Trompete
EP: Charlie
Artist: Kalipo
Label: Otake Records
Release: 21.11.2016

Beatport: goo.gl/E4WnE5
HHV.de: goo.gl/YD5i4M
Juno.co.uk: goo.gl/rZYMAQ
Juno.de: goo.gl/BX95Lk
Deejay.de: goo.gl/G13FNN
Juno download: goo.gl/x4PrL1
whatpeopleplay: goo.gl/rXXJYL
Charlie is an effect of Kalipos own music journey. The whole EP can be interpreted as a story of a history written on the way. The music reflects various emotions attached to different parts of the specific journey of the author as in the same time he struggles to get into the listeners mind and trying to foretell their emotions.
The release tells about the journey and emotional adventures on the way of flying octopus Charlie. There is a composition of feelings and odd things happening with him. The dreamy opener And the Stone of Heart sets the adventure mode from the very beginning, inviting the listeners to follow the octopus and experience different narcotic feelings inspired by music such as Watching Elephants on Bikes and Riding the White Camel.