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Just before Jakob Häglsperger’s debut album under his moniker Kalipo sees the light of day, the Berlin based Antime label is proud to present to you a teaser in form of a digital single set to be released on July 18. “Yaruto” not only gave the album its title, but is also the centrepiece of the abstract narrative that Häglsperger was trying to stretch out over its ten tracks on which he worked almost autonomously for over a year. It combines all the distinctive elements of Kalipo’s sound: Disembodied, chopped up vocals, warm basslines and polyrhythmic structures.
With his epic 12 minute long remix, midimúm alias Martin Steer takes the track’s danceability one step further. Steer – who not only runs Antime but has also been one of Häglsperger’s closest friends since their teenage days and has been sharing with him production and songwriting duties in the German Electropunk outfit Frittenbude for almost a decade now – explores his passion for Dub Techno and droney, synth-laden Electronica to make “Yaruto” fit for peak time hours.
On top of that, the digital bundle also includes “Andrewsarchus”, a track inspired by a lively reconstruction of the prehistoric mammal of the same name which Häglsperger once saw in the dinosaur-themed recreation park Germendorf in Eastern Germany. With its distorted analogue synth lines, flaring drones and throbbing beats, the tracks pays a claustrophobic homage to the extinct animal that is generally assumed to be a predator or scavenger.
Kalipo’s debut album Yaruto will be released on September 12. It will be followed by at least one complimentary single and various videos created by no-one else but Jakob Häglsperger himself.


Kalipo is Jakob Häglsperger, a Bavarian born producer who has made a name for himself as a producer for Marcus Wiebusch, Ira Atari, pandoras box and Fuck Art, Let’s Dance, but is more widely known as a member the German electro punk outfit Frittenbude for which he has produced three albums. As Kalipo, the now Berlin-based artist goes into a different and less wild musical direction, blending lush House rhythms with trance inducing Techno beats somewhere between 110 and 130 bpm while also taking cues from Downbeat and Gamelan traditions. With synthesizers, micro samples and acoustic instruments, Häglsperger intuitively builds melancholic yet driving arcs of suspense which are best to be enjoyed on a hazy Sunday afternoon at home on your couch and will also increase your endorphins on a Saturday night. In his energetic live sets, the renowned producer makes use of his extensive array of analogue synthesizers and drum machines.

Influenced by Viennese style Downbeat and Hip Hop, Häglsperger started producing his own music in the late 1990es before taking up DJing. For a while Häglsperger considered DJing to be his main outlet, touring the clubs under a variety of different monikers. In those days record stores were still more important than online portals, the music industry hadn’t yet collapsed and DJing still was a job that provided a lot of challenges. After the infrastructures had decisively changed and the scene had become more fast moving than ever, Häglsperger lost interest in this occupation and decided to focus exclusively on his career as a producer, trying to develop a live set that drew on the experiences he has made as a DJ in hope of achieving a both unique and timeless sound.

The music Häglsperger makes as Kalipo – the curious name came to Häglsperger under the shower one day – is situated between his passion for Downbeat and raving dance music. Apart from providing his production and remixing skills for a variety of artists over the past few years, he also contributed to several compilations put out by Stiff Little Spinners. Kalipo’s debut album Yaruto follows the abstract narrative of an impersonal biography by creating moods that correspond with certain stages of life. Yaruto is being released by Antime Records, the Berlin-based label run by Häglepsperger’s close friend and Frittenbude band colleague Martin Steer. Not only has Häglsperger produced the album entirely by himself, he also contributed several analogue photos that were used in the album’s artwork and produced music videos to be released along with the album and its complementary singles.

From his first bedroom recordings in his native Bavaria to his chart-breaking records with Frittenbude and his many-sided work as Kalipo, Jakob Häglsperger has always been hard working and driven by both the passion and the ambition that have brought as many unique and timeless pieces of art. 

Exclusive Mix 2014 for Electronic Beats


Ash Ra Tempel – Darkness Flowers Must Die
Kalipo – Take Care Of Your Paradise
Midimúm – Junk Beach (Aplysia Remix)
Pyrrhic – Lovin’ You
Cosmin TRG – New Structures for Loving
Kalipo – Old Friends
Jonas Saalbach & Samuel Fach – Great Mind Think Alike (Krink Remix)
Quok – ChromoAndrew Grant & Lomez – Real People (FABLES! Remix)
Andreas Buchner – Wander with me (Owlet Remix)
Cosmic Jokers – Raumschiff Galaxy gleitet im Sonnenwind
Ametsub – Precipice Drive
Abi Gail – Ackern
Colo – Holidays (Christian Löffler Remix)