1 Embryo  
2 Lux
3 Come  
4 Yaruto
5 Get Rich
6 Take Care of your Paradise
7 Listen to You 
8 Ganja
9 Wilt
10 Cloud Dancing II 

     In the past two years, Bavarian born and now Berlin based producer Jakob Häglsperger has been highly active under the moniker of K a l i p o . After a series of remixes and contributions to compilations released by Stiff Little Spinners, a subdivision of the (in)famous Audiolith imprint, he now presents his debut album Ya r u t o . Häglsperger, who has been making music from his early teens on and has since immersed himself in Hip Hop, Downbeat, Techno and avantgarde music, opts for an experimental approach, hoping to achieve a timeless sound. »What matters most to me is finding my own musical language, a sound that won’t lose its spark.« Ya r u t o can be enjoyed on a hazy Sunday afternoon at home on your couch, but will also increase your endorphins on a Saturday night at a club. 

       Ya r u t o is as much the product of hard work as it is a result of critical self-evaluation and occasional serendipity. »When I’m in the studio for six days in a row, I spend at least five of them feeling depressed because nothing seems to work out. I go for those four magic minutes in which everything suddenly falls into its place.« After toying with a variety of samples, Häglsperger usually creates patterns and takes them to the studio to flesh out the rough drafts with his wide array of analogue synthesizers and, occasionally, instruments like a Rhodes piano, a metallophone or guitars. Vocal samples are being chopped up and rearranged by Häglsperger until the syllables develop a life of their own and eventually create the abstract narrative that makes up the thematic backbone of this otherwise intuitively written record. From the opener »Embryo« and the track that gave the album its name through to the final track »Cloud Dancing II«, Ya r u t o follows what you might call an impersonal biography by creating moods that correspond with certain stages of life, constantly commented on by disembodied voices.

       Ya r u t o will be released on Antime, the Berlin based label run by Martin Steer with whom Hägelsperger shares production duties in the German Electro Punk outfit Frittenbude. »Antime was an obvious choice, because Martin fully trusts me and my creative instinct. Thus, I can experiment as much as I want to and don’t have to compro- mise even though my music might not have a mass appeal«, says Hägslperger, who has also relocated to the German capitol a few years back, with regard to the hypnotic, Gamelan-influenced rhythms on tracks like »Listen To You« and subtle nods to composers like Steve Reich whose Music For 18 Musicians Häglsperger cites in »Get Rich«.

      Despite being his own most critical judge, Häglsperger, who in his energetic live sets uses only ana- logue hardware, has worked on the album almost completely autonomous and also contributed to the album’s artwork. As his first hobby turned into a fulltime job, Häglsperger decided he was in urgent need of a second one and resorted to analogue photography. Some of his pictures made their way into the artwork which was taken care of by Antime’s in-house graphic designers Johann Steer and Helga Stirle.

       Ya r u t o has been in the works for more than a year while Häglsperger was producing albums for the likes of Fuck Art, Let’s Dance and others and will be followed by a series of digital releases as well as music videos on which he is currently working on. 

RELEASE DATE 12.09.2014


Decks: http://bit.ly/1A76sWV

Antime Label Night / Yaruto Release Party Berlin